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by the russian authorities, but having his statement that he thinks the authorities in ukraine read out on the russian airwaves. it was read out on russian television. so it seems given that to have some authority of the russian state behind it. he's a russian state controlled channels and agencies. quite what it means in the battle that's been going on over who should be in control and what should happen in ukraine is difficult to read. it is slightly ominous given events this morning. these armed men who have taken over the parliament in the government in the crimea, not saying very much. but clearly putting up a russian flag on -- taking the side of russian speakers in crimea. we don't know if these events are linked, but it does seem quite odd that the former ukrainian president who, let's face it, has been denounced all over the place, including here in russia, should sutdly be given airspace on russian television. >> thanks for that update. intriguing. as the polish foreign minister of course said there are now dangerous turns taking place, particularly in what's happened in crime
the olympics and also about the conflict in ukraine. >> russian history is-- has been for centuries a raetion, in many ways, of rivers and blood and oppression. but part of putin's conservatism, and his building of state is to reassert a different history. a glorious history. >> rose: also this evening, a conversation with rashid al-ghannouchi. he is from tunisia, and he is one of the principal figures showing that democracy and islam can work together. >> the urgent need today is to convince peoples that dialogue consensus and pursuing of path of coexistence and steering away from-- tunisians must bring on board all tunisians, the egyptians should bring aboard all egyptians and we must learn the skill and art of how we coexist so that we all enjoy happiness instead of working one party against the other. >> rose: we conclude this evening with lisa bloom, a graduate of yale law school, and an attorney and author. >> one of the things i want to do in this book is say this is not just about demonizing george zimmerman. it's about all of us looking at our implicit racial bias. most of us think w
in ukraine and here in washington. with russian forces staging what they call previously scheduled exercises near ukraine, secretary of state kerry talked on the phone to the foreign minister in moscow. who he said reyou a firmed russian president putin's promise to respect ukraine's borders. >> we believe that everybody now needs to step back and avoid any kind of provocations. >> reporter: but vladimir putin is also making clear russia is capable of invading ukraine. in 2008 russia did invade another neighboring nation, georgia. and last week's bloody protests in ukraine's capital kiev were a setback for russia prompting the national parliament to oust ukraine's pro russian president, viktor yanukovych. today near the big russian naval base that's in southern ukraine, pro russian army mob seized a government building and an anti-russian mob protested the. ukraine is dangerously divided and in financial crisis. defense secretary hagel warned moscow. >> i urged them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted. >> reporter: putin's shove force by his navy, his air force and his ground
. >> but we start in ukraine where pro-russian protesters seized government buildings in the crimea region. the ukrainian interior forces and police have been put on alert. wooden barricades have been erected at the entrance to the crimea supreme council. the area surrounding the building has been the scene of violent confrontations. they raised a russian flag as a possible challenge to the new leadership. we are joined live from the crimea. a russian flag flying from government buildings. >> tell us what is happening now? >> that's right. the russian flag flying from the building behind me. about 200 metres away. that's the parliament building you can see over my shoulder. inside armed men, professionals. we don't know who they are, but they are understood to have come in overnight. security was not strong, was not strict, and they are occupying that building. we are hearing that they'll expect a parliamentary session later. it's possible that mps will meet in there despite all that is going on. adding to the mix, police who have cordoned off the area seem incredibly relaxed as if they kn
forward. >> ukraine's ousted president is reported to be in moscow under the protection of the russian government, but he still is claiming to be the ukraine's leader. >>> i have seen the sign and it says do not tailgate. if you cross the bay bridge this summer, that is just one of the brand-new signs you'll see along the way, signs that tell you the speed, warning you of congestion ahead and all sorts of things. they're part of a safety project that is getting underway. one more thing. it will be mandatory to have your headlights on at all times while you're riding on the bay bridge. >>> we've got your pothole warning of the day. this one is compliments of mary gaffney of northwest. casada street is a hazard and, mary, you are so right. there's some craters in the 32 and 3400 blocks that would shake the mightiest of vehicles. never mind your nerves. so we put in a please fix it order to the district's department of public works. with any luck those potholes ought to be filled by march 4th. >>> do you have a pothole to let us know about? log onto, fill in as much location
the russian army on the border with ukraine as the u.s. sends a strong message in respon. >>> the age factor, the medical news out today about older fathers and the potential risks of having children near middle age. >>> and high times in colorado where it is all perfect legal and the people lighting up and chowing down may surprise you. tonight a look at the epicenter of a sweeping change. "nightly news" begins now. >>> from nbc news world headquarters in new york this is nbc nightly news with brian williams. >>> a special good evening to viewers in the west, much of our news originating from the western u.s. from the weather to the late development in arizona where republican governor jan brewer has spoken. she has been under extraordinary pressure to veto a bill that could allow businesses on the owners' religious grounds to refuse business to gays and lesbians or anyone for that matter. >> reporter: the loudest voices the governor have been hearing are all cutting one way, human rights advocates. the corporate and political voices kept piling on until late this afternoon, the governor to
want but they put up a russian flag and a sign that said, crimea is russian. ukraine's pro-russian president was ousted last week. >>> the acting president is warning russian troops to keep out of ukraine. so is the u.s. secretary of state. kerry says russian intervention would be a grave mistake. russia questioned the legitimacy of the new ukrainian leadership. ukrainian security forces are on high alert. >>> more breaking news from overnight. smoke in the cabin of a delta connection flight that landed in oakland, california. the plane made it to the jetway when about 80 people who flew from l.a. had to evacuate. >> leave all your belongings and get off this aircraft. we cannot breathe back here. go. >> flight attendants also opened the emergency exits, but no slides were deployed, and everyone deplaned normally. the investigation into what caused the smoke is under way. >>> more breaking news this morning, three people are dead in a plane crash in hawaii. small plane went down last night minutes after taking off from the lanai airport. the aircraft landed in an area of brush, cau
ares starts right now. >>> fox news alert from the ukraine. fast- moving events. russian gun seized the government buildings. russia is giving shelter on the ukraine ousted leader and ordering surprise war games and u.s. sending a stern message to moscow don't meddle. will this be a tipping point and will moscow send in troops? >>> a new poll that reveals a tough fight ahead for the president and his party. i am bill hemmer. >> and i am alisyn camerota. a new york times cbs news poll find six in ten americans say they are disappointed in the obama president so. chris walla ce joins us now. is this the second term blues or obama care related? >> the answer is yes to both. obviously obama care is the main focus and you can see how unhappy people are for obama care. it is a tough year on a variety of issues that he failed to get his way with. and people are not happy with. it it is something troubling for republicans in this poll. while 41 percent approve of the president lowest number right after the roll out of obama care, when it comes to the generic poll, republicans lead but by on
this her estate the russian flag is flying from the parliament building ukraine's security forces have been put on alert following the takeover of the building in the capital according to the country's acting interior minister ukrainian prosecutors have also opened a terror probe it's being reported to the short time ago. my cats douglas herbert is in the crimean capital and has more now. we had tension is rising again inundated we woke up this morning with the russian flag flying not just on one of the apartment building you can see here behind me but also on the roof of the regional government building. we have earlier this morning to report that the building had been occupied during the night occupied by two unknown people. still not sure exactly who is inside the parliament building. will we do have is the prime minister at least at the crack me up saying that he has confirmed that in fact there has been an intrusion by armed men unknown armed men in the parliament. one of the reasons why the security i drank years being taken so seriously. this morning to reach me this morning we were
ukraine that we're seeing right now among ethnic russians. when it was the opposition -- rather, president yanukovych was in power, it was ethnic ukrainians who were talking about seceding. legald he would use all means to resolve that. he still has to be voted in. then he has the financial crisis. the u.s. is ponying up one billion -- $1 billion in loan guarantees. he is the man who has to cut the deal with the imf. he thinks it is possible to avoid the haircut for ukrainian bondholders. he said he will be an extremely unpopular leader because he is going to have to take on extremely unpopular measures like raising gas prices, cutting expenses, so that they can meet the conditions that the imf is going to put forward. he has a lot to deal with, in addition to the troubling geopolitical situation he will be facing with the west on the one side and russia on the other. >> i think we have just been able to access your interview with the designate interim prime minister. let's have a listen. >> assuming that you are voted in as prime minister, your first job is what? to provide security and s
ukraine ratcheted higher today, as lawmakers prepared to approve a new government. in crimea, pro-russian demonstrators clashed with supporters of the protest movement. meanwhile, russian president vladimir putin ordered surprise military exercises near the border with ukraine. we'll get more on all of this, right after the news summary. the u.s. military's top commander is warning the impasse on a security deal with afghanistan could embolden the taliban. army general martin dempsey -- chairman of the joint chiefs -- spoke a day after president obama ordered plans for a total u.s. withdrawal by year's end. mr. obama also spoke with karzai by phone, for the first time since last june. today, karzai's spokesman played down any tension between the two. >> 2014 is the year of withdrawal of most of us forces anyway. and there was no such discussion of a complete withdrawal in the conversation as suggested in the media. rather the point was to provide for an orderly withdrawal as already planned and already( scheduled >> ifill: the u.s. wants to leave about 10,000 troops in afghanistan after 2
his personal safety. >> the crisis in ukraine moves beyond its borders. >> pro-russian armed men have seized a building in the crimea region. >> the united states has told russia any military intervention in ukraine would be a grave mistake. >> we do not believe this should be an east-west, russia/united states. this is not "rocky 4." >>> californians are waking up to the first of two rainstorms. >> by the end of the week, as much as 8 inches in some areas, and that might lead to mudslides in the foothills of los angeles, so officials are calling for voluntary evacuations. >> we'll get the women and children out here. >> last night, jan brewer vetoed legislation pitting equal liberty against gay rights. >> i call them like i see them, despite the cheers or boos. >> leave all your belongings and get off this aircraft. we cannot breathe back here. go. >> oakland international airport, a delta flight operated by skywest was evacuated after smoke filled the plane. >> the cabin started filling up. it smelled like burnt rubber. >> new developments concerning sex assaults in the military. th
are hearing today from ukraine's former president, viktor yanukovych. russian sources says he still considers himself to be the leader. where the government is ensureig his safety, local government buildings in crimea. in kiev, the ukrainian parliament approved the interim government, nick shifrin, this is fascinating to me. we know the opposition there in independence square. taking over the government, formed the coalition government, then we have the opposition government forming in crimea. about. >> yes, the opposition to the opposition, so to speak, tony. as you said, there is a new government in parliament about a thousand feet behind me, independence square, about 6,000 miles from here a huge concern. crimea never wanted to be part of the independent ukraine, after it became independent after the soviet union separated, it is expected they will have a push back, everybody here looks to the west and europe. a huge concern here, from this government, that crimea threatens the new government, and a hues concern from the u.s. not to do any saber-rattling. right here from kiev, i want to sh
on base. as for the ukraine's ousted president yanukovych, russia is granting protection on russian soil. >>> also, the scene live at the houses of parliament. the three main party leaders here in the uk. the german chancellor angela merkel is just about to make a rare address on the merits of eu membership to boat houses of parliament. we'll bring you her speech live. >>> also in the program, aaron is here. more problems for the flying kangaroo. >> it is just getting tougher for qantas. they bleed more cash. one in seven jobs they have to go. the airline is begging the deposit for more support. we'll take a look at what's crippling the big roo. >> hello. thanks for joining us on "gmt". midday here in london, 7:00 a.m. in washington, 1:00 p.m. in ukraine where the acting president has warned that any movement by russian troops outside their naval base in crimea will be seen as an act of aggression. his comments come after armed men seized the parliament and administration buildings in the capital simferopol. moscow has agreed the personal safety of the ousted president viktor yanukovych.
to al jazeera america, a live report from the ukraine and the russian flag is flying over the parliament there. ♪ what is this place? where are we? this is where we bring together the fastest internet and the best in entertainment. we call it the x1 entertainment operating system. it looks like the future! we must have encountered a temporal vortex. further analytics are necessary. beam us up. ♪ that's my phone. hey. [ female announcer ] the x1 entertainment operating system, only from xfinity. tv and internet together like never before. >> welcome back. here with the headlines, the nutrition labels on the foods are getting an over haul. there are updates being proposed to the system. it is al jazeera's day of global action for the staff being held in egypt. they have been in prison for 61 days and accused of spreading false. >> there are reports out that crew yan former president viktor yanukovich will be holding a press conference tomorrow. all of this coming less than a week after the protestor forced of viktor yanukovich in kiev. now the center of power the shifting to the capita
the russian army to the border with ukraine as the u.s. sends a strong message in response. >>> the age factor, the medical news out today about older fathers and the potential risks of having children near middle age. >>> bracing for impact, on the coast east and west, records falling here in the east, a know california, a new threat with desperately needed rain on the way. and they will get that and more. >>> and high times in colorado, where it is all perfectly legal, the people chowing down and lighting up may surprise you. tonight a look at the sweeping change. nightly news begins now. >>> good evening, and with the olympic games now over let the war games begin. tonight, russian president vladimir putin has dispatched more than 150,000 army troops to western russia, the area that borders with ukraine. officially they're there for military exercises but no one is missing the meaning of this. and just a few days since the fall of kiev, more and more people are saying it is starting to feel like old times, the times that brought us partitions and walls and east versus west and standoffs bet
in ukraine have also called in the russian -- in kiev and they have issued him a demag about what's going on as well. interestingly the information barbara starr has the u.s. right now says it only sees russia's military exercises "within the normal range." it does notd see any of the kind of massive planning russia would have to do in terms of planning and logistics and securing air and land and rail and road corridors to incur into ukraine. of course the russians are saying they will not intervene militarily. where does this leave everybody? still a very tense crisis in the ukraine. and what we're hearing from people who have been actually mediating and certainly were at the beginning of this crisis the number one russia along with the u.s. and the uk does have a treaty not to interfere, basically respecting ukraine's borders and its independence. and also the interim government is being urged to reach out to the ethnically russian parts of ukraine and to make sure that the new ukraine is one for all ukrainians including those who have russian ethnicity, including those in the crimea. s
of the day: new leaders took over in ukraine, while pro-russian gunmen took control of government buildings in crimea and the u.s. warned moscow against provocative actions aimed at ukraine, as the russian military sent warplanes patrolling the border. >> woodruff: vice week continues with our take on gluttony: what does it take to be a competitive eater? plus, we wish happy 25th birthday to the world wide web. a new pew research center study explores how americans feel about the internet and its effect on our lives. all that and more is on our web site, >> ifill: and that's the newshour for tonight. on friday, miles o'brien goes inside fukushima for a rare look at japan's troubled nuclear plant. i'm gwen ifill. >> woodruff: and i'm judy woodruff. we'll see you online and again here tomorrow evening with mark shields and david brooks among others. for all of us here at the pbs newshour, thank you and good night. >> major funding for the pbs newshour has been provided by: ♪ ♪ moving our economy for 160 years. bnsf, the engine that connects us. >> and the william and fl
russian than a sea of language meanwhile headlines across america and europe as well as in ukraine on speculation by shea is on the brink of getting involved in crimea someone directly linking of russia's ministry drills with the tense situation in the peninsula. eleven russian minute officials have been thus there is any connection saying dominion is on the house hunt is or even thousands of kilometers away and don't seek the over eighteen. mammals have been an on fourth and devotion that removing its troops around the crimea. his explanation is that they are unarmed regular force is sending of the local russian navy base that has been commonplace stationed in south still pull for decades nate and eu officials have read on please send a warning signals to the russian government and truly reaction coming from the west as telcos want to cause he's an easy couple of days in a badly right now suddenly seamlessly hearing that would've been nice if he turns out are you hearing from abroad. hi there will you find a message from the new defense minister and defense ministers are due to t
building and the parliament building in the heavenly russian populated area of crimea. ukraine's acting president all incentive to cheat off has appealed for calm off to the report and seizure. the russian flag has been rezoned both buildings ukraine's acting interior minister has confirmed the seizure of the buildings but did not give many details clashes broke out between pro and anti russian protests is in the region on wednesday meanwhile in tn but no money is for ukraine's new government were presented to tens of thousands of people in cairns independence square cindy outset all the dots in your beef from the former prime minister yulia tymoshenko his posse received a mixed reception lot was said to have is prime ministerial nomination but the tone by parliament on thursday. president viktor yanukovich was ousted last week on for three months of andreas that were triggered by his decision to scrap approach the eu deal ukraine's parliament has put the any coverage on an international wanted list the murder in connection with the deaths of around one hundred people during last week's
in the southern ukraine. the pro russian militants stormed the building after supporters of the new government clashed with those in favor of the old government. ukraine's president left the capital. russian plans to put troops near the ukranian board. secretary of state john kerry warns them against taking military action. according to the government sore, ukranian president viktor yanukovych is hiding out in russia. >>> arizona governor jan brewer has vetoed a lightning rod of a bill that pitted religious beliefs against gay rights. omarville franco reports that brewer says she saw no legitimate need for the new law. >> reporter: arizona governor jan brewer's veto brought an end to senate bill 1062. >> i have not heard one example in arizona where a business owner's religious liberty has been violated. >> reporter: the bill would have allowed businesses to refuse service to people on religious grounds. opponents say its purpose was to discriminate against homosexuals among others. since the republican-backed measure cleared the legislature last week, arizona residents and merchants made thei
of the building overnight. they want this region, part of ukraine, near the russian border to go with russia. their huge black sea fleet is based there, and russia said they will react to defend their interests. russia put their air force on alert and began six days of war games near ukraine's border. 150,000 ground troops and heavy weapons. they said they're the biggest war gains since the soviet era. the u.s. is watching closely and warning russia not to seize ukraineian territory. >> they should listen carefully to ukrainians that have expressed a desire for change. >> the acting ukrainian government here warned russia against, quote, military aggression. >>> and new details this morning about a pretty scary landing at a bay area airport. the air conditioner of a delta plane caused the cabin to fill with smoke. >> leave your belongings and get off of the aircraft. go. >> we're trying. we cannot breathe back here, go. >> i think i have been on a flight with that flight attendant. the dark video was taken by a passenger. in there you can hear the frustration as they try to get people off of
to attacks on ethnic russians in ukraine the message said russia would react without compromise if their rights are violated. ukraine's acting president alexander church in oz has warned that if russia's black sea fleet leaves its base in crimea. he was regarded as a military attack. ousted president's victory in a covert says that he's still ukraine's president. he said in statements to several russian news agency from news agencies that is from an unknown location. gannett co which also gave warning to what he calls the countries would be legitimate rulers he says people would never accept small role. it's been almost a week since ukrainians have heard from the leader. his government was toppled by violent protests in kiev the sixty three year old is now wanted in ukraine on charges of mass murder. people in some parts of japan have put on a face put on face mask to protect themselves from the blanket of white fog layer contains hazardous particles called pm two point five. scientists say it came across the sea from china. officials with ten local governments have issued advis
verbatim. do not send russian troops into the ukraine and the u.s. will be watching. this is all as violence broke out on the streets of the ukraine today. today, pa frightening taste of worse-case scenario for the ukraine, the country divided among ethnic lines. adding to the tension, russian warplanes placed on high alert and russian troops mobilizing for military exercises right along the ukraine eastern border. with the obama administration increasingly concerned about russian's intentions, president obama issued a stern warning. >> i urged him not to take any steps that could be miss interpreted. >> a time of great tension. >> reporter: secretary of state john kerry said that in a phone call today, russian foreign minister sergey lavrov assured him the exercises are not related to the ukraine. but he cautioned -- >> statements are statements. words are words. we have all learned that it's actions and the follow-on choices that make the greatest difference. >> reporter: so if russia does not send troops inside ukraine, what could be its intentions? >> definitely take this as
. in southern ukraine a russian flag flies atop a regional parliament office after armed gunman seized the building. this all comes days after pro-western demonstrators ousted the president because of his growing ties to moscow. north korea has fired four missiles into the ec. the question is why. and nutrition labels on food packaging could be getting their first makeover in 20 years. a new label focuses on calories and sugars along with realistic approaches to serving sizes. >>> wall street looking at a mixed open this morning. trading is mostly flat as investors wait to hear from janet yellin. the new fed sheave testifies next hour about the health of our economy. alison kosik has more from new york. >> this is the testimony that janet yellin was supposed to give before the senate two thursdays ago. that same wake the fed chief spoke before a new house committee and made quite the impact on the stock market because the dow surged almost 200 points during the day. she wound up making it clear she's in no hurry to raise interest rates and the fed would continue dialing back its stimul
with the acting prime minister. >> the ethnic structure here speaks volumes. 60% russian based in southern ukraine. tartar.0% it is a toxic mix. they call it a tinderbox. >> we are seeing an fire up right now certainly. we want to get to our second front-page story. this is something you highlighted yesterday. china's weaker yen. china's central bank has been engineering the drop of the yuan. it is part of the financial reforms. greater volatility, pushing for the currency to be a legitimate effect of currency in the world. that would make china less dependent on exports and investment. that is something the government is shifting away from for more domestic consumption. is whateal debate here is share value for the you want -- yuan and the flow of capital around the world? we know where the u.s. senate stands on this. about itschumer talked cutting either way. letting it go up naturally. it has only been allowed to strengthen in a very small increment. >> they want to widen that. thehey are doing this with spotlight on russia and the ukraine right now. we will continue with that. our third story,
a political solution. >> reporter: but with russian fighter jets flying patrols on ukraine's border and major military exercises set to begin tomorrow, many here, like 20-year-old student tanya, are concerned. are you scared of russia? >> yes. a little, yes. >> reporter: why? >> because they are a powerful country, and they can-- they can do bad things with us. >> o'donnell: clarissa does anyone know where yanukovich is inside russia? >> reporter: well, norawe don't know exactly where he is. there have been reports that he is in a very upscale suburb of moscow. all we know he is he is expected to hold the press conference tomorrow. it's a move that clearly is likely only to inflame tensions here. >> o'donnell: we'll be watching. claris athank you. and those russian military exercises that clarissa mention read also a big concern. david martin is at the pentagon with more on that. david. >> reporter: good evening, norah. most of the 150,000 russian troops expected to take part in tomorrow's exercise are still in garrison right now, getting ready to move out. two columns involving a total of ab
>> pro russian gunman, seize government afterses in the ukraine as form ther president insists he is still the country's leader. a day of global action causing for the release of al jazeera staff detained in egypt. and food labels get the first makeover in 20 years. >> quote him as saying he is still considers himself to be the dun's leader. reported her in the russia where the governor is said to be ensuring his safety. he is expected to hold a news conference tomorrow. massed gunman seized government buildings. they declared their the allegiance to russia and flew that nation's flag over the parliament. following the day's -- and you don't think this is fascinating. the group we have known as the opposition are now taking control. it is difficult to keep up, that is where we have defined the p osix. and now there's a new government that this opposition backs. a few hundred miles south of here, about 600 miles or 700 miles south, and as you just said, there is a new opposition to this government, that's right behind me, this is a place that has always had separatist tendencies. s
. >> how worried is russian sha about what is happening in ukraine at the moment? >> well, it's dominating all the tv stations. it is dominating the newspapers as well. if you speak to people on the streets the you do get a wide variety of sentiments expressed as you would expect of a country with this diversity and size. we were out talking to people earlier on today, and yes, some fairly hard line approaches from some people saying that russia should be using stall lannist tactics but that's not really the majority. what most people express when you ask them is the feeling that ukrainians are brothers to them. that these are two countries that have long connections to each other, going back centuries and that there is deep concern about what is going on there. also deep concern expressed for the fate of ethnic russians in premier. but of course there's not just russia that is concerned about what is going on in the the ukraine. western countries are as well, and there was some fairly stern warnings from nato earlier on today about russian sha's role in this, and the potential for russian
. drawing the ukraine back into the russian sphere. and it's not likely going to allow this to go without a fight. joining s is lieutenant colonel bill collins. it's good to have you with us. and as we were watching this unfold, we have secretary of state john kerry making what i consider to be an unexpectedly severe and stern warning that i am not certain that he can back out. what is your reaction first, if we may. >> for some it's great to be with you. i appreciate being invited. i think that president vladimir putin has laughed off whatever secretary john kerry had to say. i don't think the russians think for one minute that this administration is going to do anything at all if they make a move on the ukraine. having said that, i think that vladimir putin is a smart guy. he's not going to do anything in the short term it really damages his standing. he's riding the crest of a wave right now. there were no incidents. he is really the guy who is moving forward with their nuclear weapons and everything is on his ride right now. and i don't think that he wants to damage that by using oar
that ukraine's fugitive ex-president is in a southern russian city and will hold a news conference there tomorrow. in the meantime pro-russian gunmen stormed government offices in ukraine's crimea region. all this as ukraine works to set up an interim government in the country that's deeply divided right now between loyalties to the west and loyalties to russia. our defense secretary chuck hagel urging russia to act cautiously, that the u.s. strongly supports ukraine's territorial integrity. we'll watch the story. jon: new he will developments in the social eight murder trial. pamela phillips charged with a plotting a car bombing that killed her husband. coming up, an emotional breakdown in court. >>> remember the anti-muslim filmed once blamed for the deadly terror attacks in benghazi, sparking them? a judge orders them pulled from the internet. the stunning reason why. jenna: welcome back, everyone. a federal appeals court ordering youtube to take down a film from its website over a copyright complaint. it is not just any film. it is the same film the white house originally blame
president of ukraine and he sought russian protection from what he describes as extremists. russia has begun conducting large-scale military exercises near moscow and has sent fighter jets to the ukrainian border. pro-russian gunmen have seized government buildings in ukraine's crimea region. a russian flag now flies over the local parliament. ukraine's acting president threatened today to use any means necessary to reclaim the territory. is this starting to look like a civil war, folks. this is turning into a major, major foreign policy crisis for the united states. >>> up next, a "deep dive" into a sea change for the sunshine state. why cuba isn't the third-rail of fla politics anymore. >>> nbc's newest late-night host seth meyers is getting in on the tdr 50 florida focus. take a look. >> i notice that when i run across a news story that's particularly bizarre, it's almost always something that happened in florida. i will read a news story and you guess whether it's fake. a pastor in miami gardens told the press that he would eat a live cockroach as a stunt to bring more people to his mega
large scale human rights violations against its ethnic russians in the ukraine, the russian defense ministry confirmed that fighter jets were now on high alert along the border with ukraine that's of course part of the surprise, war games we've been reporting on since yesterday including long range aircraft, warships as well as some 150 troops and some 900 tanks. the main flash point is ukraine's crimea peninsula, strategic for russia, the home of the black sea fleet, scuffles broke out yesterday between proand anti-russian protesters outside crimea's parliament. overnight the building was seized by armed men speaking russian with rpgs, sniper rifles, in effect vigilantes who raised the russian flag over the building. today police surround that building hoping to contain the situation while ukraine's acting president warned russia that any troop movements outside of the black sea fleet base would be seen as an aggression against ukraine, and all of this going on, ross, based on as a result of many things but now we're seeing photos even of ukrainian armored personnel carriers and tr
.s. john kerrries says russian intervention in the ukraine would be, quote, a grave mistake, thoughts eceddo today by secretary of defense chuck hagel. >> i'm closely watching the exercises along the ukrainian border. i expect russia to be transparent about the activities and i urge them not to take any steps that could be misinterpreted or lead to miscalculation, during a very delicate time. >> the crisis now centers on the region of crimea, in southern ukraine, where pro-russian gunmen have seized control of parliament, barricading themselves inside, even raising russian flags. cold war fears with stoke yesterday when russia announced it's sending 150,000 troops to the border to engage in six games of war games, in what russian media described as the biggest exercise since the soviet era. there's now word unconfirmed that the president and we've heard these comments from secretary hagel, jim. what seems to be the tone where you are. >> tamron, first of all, turning quickly to kiev, what a first day on the job to arseni -- he's the former economy and foreign minister, very well known
to do with ukraine. secretary kerry says he is asking the russians to let ukrainian make their own doeses. >> i talked to the foreign minister and we talked about the transition and the events in ukraine and the region, and i asked specifically that russia work with the united states and with our friends and allies in order to support ukraine, to rebuild unity, security, and a healthy economy. >> but there is no sign of unity just yet in ukraine. witnesses say heavily armed men stormed government building in the southern part of ukraine and raised a russian flag in crime -- crimea. >> war games along the border. what do you make of it? >> it's intimidation by the russian government these war games are meant to send a new government in kiev that it better not drift far from the russian orbit, and you pat together with president yanukovych is in russia, and what you also reported, the storming of parliamently building and russian flags. this is russian trying to make sure that it both protects the ethnic russians in the east and also tries to exert its authority over the new very unt
going to say now that he is under russian protection? the prime minister in the ukraine accused the government of stealing $70 billion. we have all seen the footage of where he hadome the spanish italian and really extravagant lace there. that is something people are talking about. the the equivalent of entire external debt. they have instructed the banks to freeze all his assets. he's not a popular guy, even among his old supporters. >> we have about 30 seconds left. what is washington's role? state announced the obama administration is landing a billion dollars in loan guarantees. >> this is a really tricky one. places in the former soviet union have not been on the u.s.'s radar. up a lien dollars gets ukraine through the election. the u.s. would have to do a lot more to really influence things. russia is very interested in ukraine. up ine the g8 coming sochi and it's going to be an issue. i don't know how much leverage it really has. chilcote, joining us live from kiev. stay with bloomberg for comprehensive coverage of comprehensive coverage of ukraine. he will bring us a fir
. >>> all right, we have breaking news this morning in ukraine, something we're watching very, very closely. gunmen taking over a parliament building, raising a russian flag. could this lead to a standoff with russia? the people there being warned to stay off the streets. we're live with the very latest. >>> and justin bieber stumbling his way through a sobriety test. oh, yeah, you can watch it on video. we've got it for you next. predibut, manufacturings a prettin the united states do. means advanced technology. we learned that technology allows us to be craft oriented. no one's losing their job. there's no beer robot that has suddenly chased them out. the technology is actually creating new jobs. siemens designed and built the right tools and resources to get the job done. i can download anything i want. [ girl ] seriously? that's a lot of music. seriously. that's insane. and it's 15 bucks a month for the family. seriously? that's a lot of gold rope. seriously, that's a signature look. you don't have a signature look, honey. ♪ that's a signature look. [ male announcer ] only at&t brings
. in ukraine, pro-russian government has seized in troll of parliament days after the ouster of the to be critically elected president. russian news reports a president viktor yanukovych is now in russian territory and seeking protection. months ofev following protests over his decision to strengthen ties with russia and not europe. assia, meanwhile, is running second day military exercises near the ukraine border. the rest of the secretary of state was in kiev on wednesday to play support for the new government. >> the first up is the formation of a new government. sit downortunity to with that new government and identify the plans of the new ukrainian government, their diagnosis of the problem, and then identify specifically what we can do to help. >> lawmakers in ukraine unveiled an interim government wednesday to be led by prime minister arseniy yatsenyuk. he is a leader who topped u.s. diplomat victory and clearly favors an elite phone call released before's >> i think he is the economic experience, the governing experience. >> in venezuela, five intelligence a
will decide later on thursday but did get up to the nominees. russian president invited him for ten has ordered a show of strength sydney the border with ukraine. go to the demented military leaders to organize this not drilled to test the combat readiness of the troops defense minister sergei show again said the exercises would not lead to what's happening in ukraine. biden said military commanders are taking measures to ensure the security of the black sea fleet and the freedoms based and sent us to hold a pro russian city in southern ukraine. us secretary of state john kerry warned pretend to respect ukraine sovereignty he said the us and russia did not need to get into what he called and told the court in cold war confrontation. residents of the eastern and southern ukraine maintain strong ties with lash out. this in the last one to move closer to your out. nato defence ministers asking them to keep the country in one piece this is from twenty eight member countries met at the headquarters in brussels they issued a statement commending the ukrainian armed forces for not intervening
the ukraine back into the russian sphere. and it's not lely gog to allow this to go without a fight. joining s is lieutenant colonel bill collins. it's good to have you with us. and as we were watching this unfold, we have secretary of state john kerry making what i consider to be an unexpectedly severe and stern warning tt i not certain that he can back t. what is your reaction first, if we may. >> for some it's great to be with you. i appreciate being invited. i think that president vladimir putin has lahed off whatever secretary john kerry had to say. i don't think the russians think for one minute that this administration is going to do anything at all if they make a mo on the ukraine. having said that, i think that vladimir putin is a smart guy. he's not going to do anything i the short term it really damages his stading. he's riding the crest of a wave right now. there were no incidents. he is really he guy who is moving forwardith their nuclear weapons and everything is on his ride right now. and i don't think that he wants to damage that by using oars at this time, but heis an old k
are seeing signs that ukraine is breaking apart as was feared. what are you hearing about pro russian protests taking place in crimea? >> i think it's important to note the people here are very much pro western and will look to the west. the people in crimea have always been pro russian, ever since ukraine got independence after the soviet union broke up, it never wanted to be part of that independent ukraine. what we're seeing is an example of that. the people have taken over the local government building. people who have raised the russian flag there, those are the people who have always wanted this country or rather that region to look east. it's not necessarily representative of the whole country right now. the acting president looks at crimea, is very concerned. he said this was a crime against this government. he warned russia not to make any kind of provocation and gave the military the ability to move into that local government building to get protestors out of it. >> joining us live from kiev, thank you very much. >> we will go live to jennifer glass on those pro russian gunm
region of crimea. in a row count among the crowds that gathered and to voice their opinions on ukraine's political crisis. the russian demonstrators clashed with representatives of the winning team is not just as the minority. the entire time the snake russians accounts almost sixty percent of the population in crimea frequently it's necessary an independent one. we don't want about it that he can from western ukraine when collin now. moscow see as ukraine's new governments could trying to change crimea assault on a mistake since it is bound not to let that happen. russia's black sea fleet as its main base in some hostilile bow. and it's no coincidence that kremlin has chosen this time to flex its military muscle russian defence minister sergei chile two cents. president putin has ordered a full tank combat readiness trail to begin friday. along the border with ukraine ukraine is the largest country in tiny inside the european continent and its bold in two directions seventy eight percent of its forty six million inhabitants are ethnic ukrainians seventeen percent on ethnic russians. t
nationalists of western ukraine he goes in he told the russians who have been living in crimea their whole lives. russia gets involved here. he'll bring law and order and we will be saying this for the country's heavily populated by ethnic russians. that's why we are standing strongly against the new law sorties its upcoming two thousand he says many of them. what a naturalist. we've seen some excellent ones here as well and some are reporting without provocation to local authorities were supposed to meet the decision which way the republic's to be petted all the political changes in it for closer towards much of the system was not needed which is helping to ease the tensions. region home to major industrial hubs and crying torah spots majority of the populace considers a russian their native language and the core of the resistance is the navel of the service couple ukraine's second largest port and home to the russian black sea fleet. while in the capital the interim leadership has announced a list of new cabinet members ministers to a crowd gathered on independence square that list has t
in the ukraine. some fear could be laying the groundwork for a new cold war. they raised a russian flag the prime area. russia granted asylum to the ukrainian president, who will address the media to marvel stop all of this as the ukrainian parliament selected a new prime and mr.. -- to selected a new prime minister. the ukraine closer to a european union, but they are struggling to maintain relations with russia. issident viktor yanukovych reportedly holed up in a russian area outside of moscow. yanukovych'stor top rival was released from prison over the weekend. she had been convicted of charges she had abused her political power. although some consider her the top contender for the presidency, to whether she is a deeply polarizing figure. >> she has been a very fiery orator and in the process has alienated some people in the ukraine. this partner at a law firm had been trying to secure her release from prison since 2011. i think she is a person who now believes for a strongly that the rhetoric of the past will not serve now. what the country needs is really a commitment to bind up the thisn's
a government building in the ukraine. how pro russian protestors are staking their claim in that country now. >> and then by tasting it and eating it, you're kind of saying i grew this plant. >> it's sustainable living at a young age. the bay area school where solar energy powers the classrooms and students snack on the food they grow. >> storm number one is winding down. storm number 2 going to pack a punch. gusty winds coming our way. we'll talk about that coming up. >> and we still have the chp issued wind advisories for some of the bridges including the san mateo bridge where everything is moving at the speed limit. we do have two separate traffic alerts around the bay area. we'll tell you more about that coming up. we also want to know what drives you crazy during your commute. ask a question or share a gripe by emailing or tweet me at #ewengerkpix and watch to see if your question gets answered on air. we'll be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, [son] she has no idea. [man] no one told her,right? [son]hi! [mom screams] it gives you options based on your budget -- it's a piece
to put russian troops on ukraine's borders has raised fears that russia will try to intervene in ukraine's politic. in the crimea region in the south of the country also home to large russian naval base, clashes broke out. crimea's not russia one group chanted. at least one protester was kill. back in the square katarina had a stark message for putin. >> leave ukraine alone. leave our people to make our future. >> reporter: the economic situation here really is very serious. the country's currency has hit a ten-year low. it has decreased by about 18% just in the last month. so those new leaders who were on this stage, they're going to be facing some very tough decisions here because the economic reforms that this country needs to survive will be very painful and very unpopular. clarissa ward, cbs news, kiev. >>> well, coming up on the "morning news," s.a.t. surprise. we'll see why your college entrance exam score from long ago might still be a factor with job recruiters today. >>> and unsteady steps. newly released video of justin bieber's sobriety test. this is the "cbs morning news." t
after disappearing in ukraine, the ousted president viktor yanukovych has resurfaced in russia. in a statement relayed by russian state television, he declared that he was still the head of state. he plans to hold a press conference tomorrow. in key avenue, a new president and prime minister has been sworn in. mera, pro- russian gunmen have stormed the building. >> the crisis intensified today russia ass transiting they celebrated the storming of the local parliament by men with guns. the buildings was barricaded and it is an illustration of how little control the new ukrainian the the heavily armed men took over the parliament at about 4:00 this morning. witnesses say they were carrying rifles and rocket propelled grenades. they fought their way in and through out the police who had been guarding the building. the mood had widespread support. this woman told me that like many here, she feels russian, not ukrainian. she wants to defend this historic land from people she calls fascists. with blood with russian soldiers and we cannot betray them. we will never give u
't be easy. ukraine is almost bankrupt. it needs $35 billion over the next two years. so far, russia has refused to recognize the country's new leaders, and president putin's decision to put russian troops on ukraine's border has raised fears that russia will try to intervene in ukraine's politics. in the crimea region in the south of the country, also home to a large russian naval base, clashes broke out. crimea is not russia, one group chanted. at least one protestor was killed. back in the square, katerina had a stark message for putin. >> leave ukraine alone. leave ukraine. leave our people to make our future. don't disturb us any more. >> pelley: clarissa ward is joining us from in front of the barricades in the square. clarissa, you talked about ukraine being broke. the value of the currency has been dropping like a stone. did anything today change that? that's right, scott. today it even hit a 10-year low. it has decreased nearly 20% just in the last month alone. what this underscores is how serious this crisis is and those new leaders who were up on that stage tonight, they're go
over the ukraine government. growing proceed russian demonstrate orders as well as the military presence have raised fears the conflict could he escalate. jennifer glass there. there have been, of course, protests and a great deal of tension there as well, jen >> reporter: that's right, joie. people are unhappy here. they say they are russian. they say they are part of russia. they say they share russian traditions and tensions are running very high here they feel what's happening in kiev has nothing to do with them. it happened quickly. they have been outlawed. then over ruled and they feel they really don't have a part in the rest of ukraine. >> some people weren't happy to see our camera. because we are foreign, they think we won't tell the truth. the flags are russian, not ukrainian and saylor netaparink blames the west for what's happening in kiev? >> i am not happy. first of all, it was ignite from outside. europe and america support. >> it has been a naval base since the late 18th century. fleet. >> another old sailor says aleak answers here are clear. >> 90% of the peop
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